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Who We Are

WEALTHplan and TAXplan are the creations of Gennaro and Paola De Luca. Married in 2002 and working together since 2004, they have built a reputation for honesty, integrity and service that exceeds expectations.

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Who We Are


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Why Work with Us?

The traditional way to prepare a financial plan involves establishing goals and objectives and then drawing a financial roadmap to get you there. Our experience has taught us that this doesn’t work. Once the plan is reviewed for the first time, it is rarely referred to again. Our process involves creating a central online hub, The WEALTHplan Client Portal, that is referenced at every review meeting or whenever you care to login. This ensures that the plan remains top of mind and progress is tracked systematically. It’s what makes us different, and it will make the difference for you!

Our Mission

Making Tax Preparation Easy

Our mission, as a team, is to provide our clients with the tools and information required to build a strong financial foundation based on our Lifecycle Approach to Financial and Tax Planning. It is our belief that a strong financial foundation built on this premise can withstand unforeseen outcomes and circumstances and allow our clients to maintain a comfortable standard of living now, and throughout their lives.

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Gennaro De Luca

Gennaro is a Certified Financial Planner and an entrepreneur who has embraced the rise of FinTech, incorporating it into both his wealth management and tax planning business.  His embrace of technology has put him ahead of the curve among other small investment companies, and he is constantly striving to develop convenient, user-friendly tech options for his clients and business.

Our Team

Paola De Luca

As a mother to three children, Paola created TAXplan to give other working moms one less thing to worry about. As an accountant, Paola was our first TAXpro. Today, she manages all our TAXpros to ensure that we meet our 100% accuracy guarantee with every return we prepare.

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