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The TAXplan Difference

TAXplan’s mission is to make tax preparation easy for Canadians. Keep scrolling and watch our short video to learn more.




Phase 1


Provided that you upload all your documents, and those documents don’t change, we guarantee 100% accuracy. This is important because variations can trigger reassessments, and too many reassessments can trigger an audit.

Phase 2


We guarantee that you get the highest refund possible for your situation. At TAXplan, our TAXpros uncover every tax saving opportunity. When it comes to refunds, working with a professional makes a difference.

Phase 3


Your personal info is always safe and secure with us. At TAXplan, we invest in 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure that only YOU and your TAXpro can access your personal data. We are 100% compliant with Canadian privacy legislation.

Phase 4


Accumulation generally takes one of two forms. Savings and/or inheritance. For most, the accumulation phase is the first pillar of wealth creation and involves making choices that lead to a consistent savings plan. Committing to a budget that accounts for your current lifestyle as well as your long-term savings goals is an often ignored, but crucial step in the wealth accumulation process.

Our Promise



Convenient & Reliable

When you’re busy with work, kids, and making ends meet, do you really have time (and money) to visit an accountant? DIY Tax software sounds like a great idea, but it’s hard to use, and it’s easy to make mistakes that could trigger reassessments at best, and audits at worst. TAXplan helps you conveniently upload your documents from anywhere, and our TAXpros prepare your return for you. Your taxes are always accurate and you get the highest refund possible.


Upload Your Documents At Anytime

Quick and Easy!

Scan or photograph your documents at work or at home and upload them easily and securely from your mobile device or computer directly to your TAXpro.

It’s that easy.

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 We’ve provided hundreds of clients with the expertise and personal support to tackle this issue once and for all. Stop stressing when you get a letter from the CRA. Take a step towards relief and contact us today


Professional Tax Preparation -
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A TAXpro Prepares Your Tax Return

Our TAXpros free you from spending hours in front of complicated DIY tax software. It means fewer errors, fewer audits, and maximized refunds.

With TAXplan, you get the convenience of a DIY app with the peace of mind of using a TAXpro, but it costs less than visiting an accountant.

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Tax Planning All Year Round

Effective tax planning starts 12 months in advance.

When TAXplan prepares and files your taxes, our TAXpros work with you for 12 months to plan for the following year.

No other tax service or software offers this kind of support. At TAXplan, we’re real people, and we’ve got your back.

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