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Being informed is a critical step toward financial independence. Our videos are meant to educate and inform so you can make better financial decisions. Enjoy!


Case Study: Tax Layering Strategy

In this video, we explore a real-life case study to illustrate how tax layering can be effectively implemented. You’ll see how a well-structured plan can lead to significant tax savings and a more secure financial future.

retirement tutorial

The One Page Financial Plan: Tutorial 2

Tutorial number 2 continues to build a One Page Financial Plan for our fictional client, John Sample.  In this tutorial, we focus on the asset side of the statement of net worth and build out John’s RRSP and TFSA in order to accumulate sufficient wealth for his retirement.

retirement tutorial

The One Page Financial Plan: Tutorial 1

What is The One Page Financial Plan? And, how can it help me achieve my goals?

tax tutorial

New Bare Trust Reporting Requirements

Familiarize yourself with the CRA’s new reporting requirements for trusts.

tax tutorial

TAXplan Tutorial: Setting Up a Client Portal Account

A few simple steps to get you started with a new TAXplan Client Portal Account.


WEALTHplan Client Portal Tutorial 1

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