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The Wealth Building Process

Unlike most financial planners and advisors, WEALTHplan’s financial planning process does not simply apply a timestamp and savings rate to your goals. Rather, we believe in maximizing your financial resources to build a wealth management plan that empowers you now, at retirement, and at succession when you leave an estate for your children. We do this by using a unique planning process that provides an overview of your finances today and throughout your life. Including maximizing your investment returns, minimizing taxes and investment fees and mitigating the effects of inflation. The process has four distinct phases

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Phase 1


Accumulation generally takes one of two forms. Savings and/or inheritance. For most, the accumulation phase is the first pillar of wealth creation and involves making choices that lead to a consistent savings plan. Committing to a budget that accounts for your current lifestyle as well as your long-term savings goals is an often ignored, but crucial step in the wealth accumulation process.

Phase 2


Inflation is the enemy of accumulation. It has the effect of eroding wealth by diminishing the value of your hard earned money. Designing a proper investment plan for growing your money over time to maintain its purchasing power, while considering other factors such as risk tolerance, objective and time horizon will serve to negate the erosive effects of inflation.

Phase 3


Preservation is key in both the accumulation and growth phase of wealth creation. Taxes, borrowing costs and fees may well represent your largest lifetime expenditure. Something the very rich have known for many years, planning to minimize your lifetime tax bill, reduce or eliminate borrowing costs and mitigate fees can make an enormous difference in your ability to create and maintain wealth.

Phase 4


An area of financial planning that many would rather ignore. And for good reason, no one likes to think about the end of life. It’s important to remember that a proper estate plan is meant for the benefit of your loved ones. It is truly altruistic. And remember, it can take a lifetime to build your wealth. A proper succession plan will consider any potential risks as well as mitigate the effects of taxation on your estate so that the majority of your wealth is transferred to those you love.

Our Mission

Services - WEALTHplan One Page Financial Plan

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The One Page Financial Plan

Services - WEALTHplan One Page Financial Plan

Our “One Page Financial Plan” may be a misnomer, in that, it is more than one page, however, because all of your plan documents can be found in your secure client portal, it may as well be one page because it’s that easy. An easy to use format that is simple to follow, it allows for a number of different benefits. Keep scrolling for details.

WEALTH Management

Stay Organized


Stay organized by using your “One Page Financial Plan” as a simple repository for all your important financial documents. Create secure folders and file away all your important papers, including tax returns, notices of assessment, a copy of your will, you name it. You’ll always have these documents at your fingertips.


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The One Page Financial Plan:
It Makes the Difference

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Track Your Progress

One of the greatest benefits of the “One Page Financial Plan” is the ability to monitor your financial progress. Far too often, once an advisor creates a financial plan for you, it is filed away to be forgotten. The “One Page Financial Plan ” is referenced at every client meeting or initiative making certain that your progress is always front and centre.


WEALTH Management

Getting Started


Like most things, taking the first step is often the hardest part. We’ve made it incredibly easy to get started. Simply complete a short Financial Health Check Questionnaire and a WEALTHplan Advisor will follow up to give you an honest assessment of your current financial picture along with next steps should you decide to work with them.

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